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To find the factors that interfere with microbial balance and solve the problem of drug resistance

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2023-08-21

Finding factors that interfere with microbial balance and addressing drug resistance issues

The "microbiota hypothesis" suggests that changing the composition of microorganisms can disrupt the balance of the body's microbiota, thereby affecting various pathways such as the immune system or metabolic reactions, ultimately increasing the risk of disease. In the future, many factors that disrupt the balance of microorganisms will continue to be the focus of research, including prominent interfering factors - antibiotics, as well as other environmental factors that affect the composition of microbial communities (population density, contact with animals, air and water pollution, diet, etc.).

In order to treat infections caused by drug-resistant microorganisms, we need to limit the destruction of the microbiota. Scientists predict that in the next 20 years, scientific research will better understand why and how microorganisms cause chronic inflammatory diseases. By understanding the significance and impact of microorganisms on health, bacteriophages and other applications in the field of disease treatment can be achieved.

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