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As a new target for disease prevention and control, new therapies can be realized

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2023-08-21

As a new target for disease prevention and control, achieving new therapies

Myron Genel, a senior researcher at the Yale University Center for Child Health Research, speculates that by better understanding the microbiota that causes tooth decay, effective preventive measures can be implemented for tooth decay. Although the gut microbiota may become a new target for disease treatment, further research is needed before clinical conversion. In the future, it is expected to achieve effective prevention and treatment of immune diseases, even toothache, by improving the microbiota.

The current research focuses on infectious diseases (CDI) caused by microbial imbalance. In the future, scientists will clarify the relationship between microorganisms and more deadly diseases such as cancer and mental illness, in order to change and balance the composition of gut microbiota, and achieve interventional diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Now, we know that antibiotics, dietary structure, environmental pollution, and even psychological stress can all affect the balance of the human microbiota. Will there be new therapies that artificially alter the microbiota to treat diseases in the next 20 years? Let's wait and see!

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