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Xiuyuan Core Technology
Detector products based on four major panel technologies: amorphous silicon, oxide, flexible screen, CMOS;
Direct evaporation of cesium iodide and special ceramic crystal scintillator;
Highly integrated electronic solutions;
Deep imaging system knowledge and rich intellectual property library.
TFT Backboard
Amorphous silicon, IGZO TFT design, CMOS panel design, flexible technology
Cesium iodide film evaporation and encapsulation, growth of cesium iodide crystals and GOS ceramics
ROIC chip, low noise and power consumption, FPGA 1 ARM, high-speed and stable WiFi
Image chain
X-ray system integration, excellent image processing and clinical application software
200+intellectual property rights
Numerous design patents, software copyrights, and invention patent authorizations
Detector products based on four major technologies
Amorphous silicon sensor
The amorphous silicon (a-Si) image sensor used for X-ray imaging consists of a two-dimensional pixelated structure. Each pixel contains a conversion thin film transistor (TFT) and a photosensitive photodiode. Both components are manufactured from amorphous silicon and installed on a large area glass substrate through photolithography.
Flexible sensor
The flexible image sensor used for X-ray imaging consists of a two-dimensional structure, where both TFT and photodiode are installed on a flexible substrate. This enables the development of lightweight, flexible, and durable portable X-ray detectors.
Oxide sensor
Compared with traditional amorphous silicon thin film transistors, oxide thin film transistors have higher on state current and lower off current. This way, the reading speed is faster, the frame rate is higher, and the pixels are smaller; The resolution will be better, the noise will be lower, thereby improving the efficiency of low-dose quantum detection, reducing leakage, and expanding the dynamic range.
CMOS sensor
Crystal silicon (C-Si) has a much higher charge mobility compared to amorphous silicon, resulting in higher reading speed and significantly lower electronic noise for image sensors. Due to the superior quantum efficiency (DQE) of low-dose detection over amorphous silicon detectors, CMOS sensors are particularly suitable for low-dose fluorescence imaging.

Comparison of performance parameters of amorphous silicon, flexible, oxide, and CMOS detectors

Scintillator crystal and direct evaporation of cesium iodide
Cesium iodide scintillator
Several flat panel detectors at Xiuyuan use cesium iodide (Csl: TI) doped with thallium as scintillators. Cesium iodide doped with thallium evaporates directly onto the sensor array, resulting in direct contact with photosensitive pixel elements. The needle like structure of directly deposited cesium iodide can serve as an optical fiber, preventing lateral propagation of light and improving modulation transfer function (MTF).
Scintillator crystal
Xiuyuan innovatively adopts low-cost and environmentally friendly process design to achieve mass production of cesium iodide (CsI) scintillator crystals, GOS ceramic crystals, and cadmium tungstate (CWO) single crystals. The resulting scintillator crystals have the advantages of easy processing, small afterglow, and high light output. With their excellent cost-effectiveness, these products can be widely applied in major scientific projects such as safety testing, medical fields, and high-energy physics.
Comparison of scintillator performance of detectors
The unique needle like structure of cesium iodide scintillators gives them better modulation transfer function (MTF) and quantum detection efficiency (DQE) than GOS scintillators,
This results in higher image detail expression and lower exposure dose.

Highly integrated electronic solutions
The self-developed 64 I 256 channel analog front-end integrates low-pass filters, correlated dual sampling, integral readout parallel mode (pipeline), and built-in 16-bit ADC.
Low noise, low power consumption
Built in high conversion efficiency - low emission (EMI) DC/DC module to reduce power loss, design different levels of sleep wake-up modes and minimize system power consumption.
FPGA/ARM Solution
Powerful FPGA data acquisition and processing capabilities, supporting gigabit networks based on giant frame UDP, gigabit networks based on GigaVision 2.0, and 6.25 Gbps bandwidth based on fiber optic PCle cards.
High speed stable WiFi
Xiuyuan adopts advanced wireless technology, which supports high throughput communication and can improve the connection performance between the detector and any collection workstation or mobile device.
Wireless Intelligent iAEC Technology
Xiuyuan Technology's iAEC technology breaks the traditional AEC barrier, not only abandoning the high-voltage control scheme of external ionization chambers, but also making the application more flexible and convenient than wired digital AEC technology,
A new intelligent exposure control method provides more infinite possibilities for digital X-ray imaging technology.
More secure
No ionization chamber structure introduces optical path, resulting in higher dose utilization rate
More flexible
Flexible selection of photosensitive exposure area and free adjustment of field of view size
More intelligent
Intelligent adaptation to sensing areas based on clinical posture
More portable
Wireless precise dose control, suitable for more mobile DR scenarios
No artifact interference, better image quality
Depth imaging system

Imaging system

Xiuyuan has years of experience in core components of digital flat panel detectors and X-ray systems, and imaging systems support multiple algorithms,
The use of in board image correction and data collection subsystems can generate better image quality;
Xiuyuan digital flat panel detector has trigger connection modes such as external trigger, soft trigger, and automatic exposure detection (AED), which can provide different solutions for system integration;
At the same time, it can also support various advanced applications, such as dual energy, 3D tomo, road mapping, and subtraction angiography.

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