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Healthy development trend:
People's health is an important symbol of national prosperity and national strength, and prevention is the most economical and effective health strategy. At the government level, our country attaches great importance to people, and always puts people in the first place in the work.
In recent years, the state has issued the Healthy China Action Plan (2019-2030) and other relevant documents, focusing on the two core areas of disease prevention and health promotion, proposing to carry out 15 major special actions to promote the transformation of the focus on disease treatment to the focus on people's health, and strive to prevent people from getting sick and get sick less. With the gradual improvement of living standards, people's demand for health services is very urgent, and with the support of policies, China's health industry has broad market prospects.

Major health industry development trends are:
1. High-tech. In the future, we will use wearable devices, telemedicine, two-way audio remote, chronic disease monitoring, blockchain medicine and other high-tech applications in the medical field.
2, precision, standardization and specialization. In the future, we will realize a personalized and professional health care management system for the whole life cycle through accurate detection, treatment and health care.
3. Intelligence. New technologies such as artificial intelligence and Internet of Things + will bring changes to the big health industry. AI intelligence and other information technology can improve the level of intelligent diagnosis and treatment.
4. Integration. The future health industry will be deeply integrated with culture and tourism.
5. Internationalization. International cooperation and resource sharing are the development trend of the future medical and health industry. Through the construction of the "Belt and Road" health station, it will build a platform for cooperation between China and the world's medical and health industry.
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