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Wired flat panel detector Wireless flat panel detector
Mars 1417X
  • Mars 1417X
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Mars 1417X

Mars 1417X is a new generation high-resolution 14 × 17 inch wireless static flat panel detector. It adopts a pixel size of 100 μ M's direct growth cesium iodide process, more reliable AED automatic exposure control, higher image detail expression and endurance, online charging, and high protection lightweight structural design are cutting-edge technologies, making it an excellent choice for high-end DR applications.

Product details
Product features:
Wireless card type flat panel detector
Stable and reliable AED control
• 100 μ M pixel size, 16 bit ADC high-definition image details
Large capacity battery design with 8 hours of battery life
Lightweight design with IP56 protection level
Wireless high-speed transmission for better user experience
Direct growth cesium iodide process with excellent DQE performance at all spatial frequencies

Technical parameters:
Mars 1417X
Detector type Amorphous silicon Full image (s) three
Scintillator type Cesium iodide Size (mm) 384 x 460 x 15
Imaging area (inches) 14× 17 Weight (kg) three
Pixel size (μ m) one hundred Weight bearing (kg) Average 300
Spatial resolution (lp/mm) four point three Protection level IP56
AD conversion bit sixteen Operating temperature (℃) 10-35
Battery usage time (h) eight point five Storage temperature (℃) -20-55
Wireless transmission 2.4G and 5G
IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Operating humidity (% RH) 5-90 (without condensation)
Trigger mode AED (optional)/soft trigger Storage humidity (% RH) 5-95 (without condensation)

*This document cannot be considered as a contract, and the specific parameter information is subject to the data provided by our company's sales personnel.
The parameters in the specification table are subject to change without prior notice.

Overall dimensions:
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